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Since June 2018, after the signing of the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC Governance) by the Renova Foundation, its maintainers - Samarco, BHP Billiton and Vale - and the ministries and public defenders on federal level and of the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, affected communities have the right to vote and effective participation in decisions regarding the reparation process. The agreement includes the population in all governance structures of the Renova Foundation, which now has an Interfederative Committee (CIF), Technical Boards, Regional Boards and Local Commissions, Trusteeship of the Prosecution Service of Minas Gerais (MPMG), Independent Audit, Compliance, Ombudsman’s Office, Observers Forum, Supervisory Board, Advisory Council and Trustee.


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By establishing an organization dedicated exclusively to the repair process, a robust governance model was also created, with more than 70 entities present. The answers to each challenge are taken together, and no party involved has control over the decision.

The TTAC constituted the Interfederative Committee (CIF), a collegiate system that brings together representatives of public agencies and society and is led by Ibama. The CIF functions as an external and independent instance of the Renova Foundation, with the function of guiding, monitoring, following-up and enforcing the repair measures. It has eleven Technical Chambers, advisory bodies set up to assist the Interfederative Committee in carrying out its purpose.

In internal forums, the Board of Trustees – composed of representatives appointed by the CIF and Vale, BHP and Samarco companies – is responsible for approving the plans, programs and projects proposed by the Executive Board of the Renova Foundation.

The Advisory Council – comprised of representatives from affected communities, basin committees, Ibama and academic institutions – represents the society within the foundation. Its role is to offer an opinion on plans, programs and projects, in addition to indicating proposals for solutions to the damages caused by the collapse of the dam.

The internal governance also counts on the Fiscal Council, responsible for the activities of oversight of the management and uation of the accounts, verification of the conformity of the actions executed in accounting and financial terms.

In June 2018, a new commitment was signed, the Governance Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC), which incorporates the participation of those affected in all instances of the decision-making processes of the repair, improving the model of collective construction of solutions.

The Governance TAC establishes the creation of regional chambers and local commissions, which are being organized with the support of independent technical advisors and will represent the affected communities. Representatives of these chambers and committees will comprise the Interfederative
Committee, the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council of the Renova Foundation.

From the beginning, the activities of the Renova Foundation are accompanied by the Public Ministry of Foundations of Minas Gerais State (MPMG), which ensures the fulfillment of the objectives and the operation of this disaster repair model, previously unheard in Brazil.

Externally,an independent panel with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) was also set up to monitor the evolution of the scientific components of the process as a whole.

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